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Allegra solari @allegrasolari Twitter Osama Bin Laden is dead; President Obama and the Oval Office are riding the wave of victory; the OMG moment when the news broke; the “Oh thank you, sweet Jesus,” also known as ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’ moment in New York and Washington, and the OMFG, we’re screwed moment as the very real possibility of a retaliation hit home. The latest Tweets from allegra solari @allegrasolari. stop being a fucking naysayer. arg - va.

OMFG Shoes - Man Repeller Ondrej Hurtik of Doubleshot in the Czech Republic dazzled judges with his second-place finish at the 2015 World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship in Gothenburg, Sweden. The gear: Mixing glass Tall spoon Cocktail strainer The goods: 2cl Zufanek OMFG gin 2cl Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge infused with coffee 7.5cl iced filter coffee 5cl Fentimans Rose Lemonade The ice: Cubed The garnish: Rosemary In a mixing glass full of ice, combine chilled filter coffee (Hurtik used a fruit-forward natural Ethiopian coffee), Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge infused with the same natural Ethiopian coffee, and Zufanek OMFG gin. Hurtek make cocktail magic in the video below: Wow! You can catch more tasty drink recipes in our Drinks archive, and read up on all of our coffee sports coverage over at Sprudge Live. May 23, 2012. this week, here's an OMFG moment brought to you by Wednesday. Allegra. I knew you woukd love them allegrabj.

Jacob Frye's Christmas Hat by allegra-chaos on DeviantArt Frying makes everything better, and goat cheese is already pretty pleasing to the taste buds. Jacob Frye's Christmas Hat by allegra-chaos. omfg Reply · iconallegra-chaos · allegra-chaos Featured By. More from allegra-chaos.

Smashbox Cosmetics on Instagram “Check our grid view for more. Since Shoesday was replaced with Jorts-day this week, here’s an OMFG moment brought to you by Wednesday. [email protected] · anyother_name_That BOLD THO! OMFG LOVE; __.holllywoodIs it 29$ each pallet? Or all 7 29$?; _._.mxrinx.

Musica e spartiti gratis per flauto dolce Hey Brian, yes we got 24 Shadowmix faders -- soooo cool the way they communicate with Protools -- seamless. it's a discrete transistor desn with transformers on the inputs and there are two kind of amps applied on the inputs, EQ filters summing and fader boosters, one of the amps is our improved take off on Fred Forssel opamps and the other one is a single ended class A amp.. Studio 1 was the orch room and I'm not quite sure what was in there. And I bet from what I know about his work the pres are in the same league. 26 tubes per channel, 23 k W/h Tube dynamics&Eq in every channel, SSL automation and V76's OMG, that's just the most exciting console I've ever seen !!! I recorded hundreds of production music cuts in this room. La-vedova-allegra-note 1; La-vedova-allegra-spartito 1; La-Veuve-joyeuse 1. Macdonald_had_a_farm_sheet_music 1; Old_mac_donald 1; OMFG 1.

Hackie @waitwhichjackie Twitter Obama became Osama briefly as Fox40, affiliate channel of Fox news, declared Bin Laden dead. w=450" src=" w=450&h=221" alt="Osama Bin Laden and Elvis Presley having tea! Hackie Retweeted allegra. I agree with this statementhttps// Hackie added. allegra @stayeviI.

PUT UP or SHUT UP Open Mic It's that time againtime for misdreavus and kendall to follow each other constantly to the detriment of their motiveskendall: this butt is a work of artgiratina: UGH, FRIENDSHIP /glares into the middle distancealegra: UGH, FRIENDSHIP /pukes everywheregiratina: now is the appropriate time to stick my face in your facealegra: if you say sosuddenly we are downtown at the coffin bean.giratina: i must look alert, lydread could be anywherejust fucking scope the room alreadyoh, really? OMFG. We haven't ever had this in GR or any open mic I have been to. As you can't play a beat, these guys decided to go at it and have one of them beat.

The 10 Most WTF Moments from House of Versace - Fashionista I don’t know if everyone realises this, but 14.02 is Valentines Day. So there is a possibility, although wasted, since I’m not in Sweden anymore, . ” * drunk cactus* (‘get shitfaced as a cloth’ is a common expression we use for getting very very drunk here in Poland. So if someone asks what I did on Valentines day, I can say. Oct 7, 2013. Allegra claims she can't sleep because she misses her uncle--it's. for H&M collaboration, which will hit stores in OMFG! just over a week.

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