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How can I stop using Paxil without the side effects? - Peter Kramer tried to discredit meta-analyses of SSRI antidepressants indicating that most of their efficacy is due to placebo, to the point where the difference between those antidepressants and placebo is "cliniy meaningless." As Kramer repeatedly mischaracterized the research he summarized, I found his defense of the drugs unpersuasive. I have been taking 10 mg of Paxil for nine years. The most common symptoms of a Paxil withdrawal syndrome are feeling like. The information contained on this page does not and is not intended to convey medical advice.

Ways to Prepare for <em>Withdrawal</em> from an Antidepressant World of.

Ways to Prepare for Withdrawal from an Antidepressant World of. Psychiatrists and doctors have done only a small amount of research into exploring what they the SSRI discontinuation syndrome despite many complaints from those taking the drugs. A list of 6 ways to prepare for withdrawal from an SSRI or SNRI antidepressant, such as Paxil. Truth is, withdrawal from Paxil or any SSRI or SNRI antidepressant can be challenging. Sure. Site last updated

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Paxil Drug and Medication User Reviews Even so, it was striking that his relatively long op-ed essay had nothing to say about well-documented cases of withdrawal symptoms among those trying to end SSRI treatment. Paxil User Reviews Now you can gain knowledge and insht about a drug treatment with Patient Discussions. Here is a collection of user reviews for the medication.

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