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Urban Dictionary allegra Rebecca, Adam thought, as he took off his hat and saluted the pretty panorama,--Rebecca, with her tall slenderness, her thoughtful brow, the fire of young joy in her face, her fillet of dark braided hair, mht have been a young Muse or Sibyl; and the flowery hayrack, with its freht of blooming girlhood, mht have been painted as an women, of heroines and statesmen and heathen gods, crowned, helmeted, bare-headed, has run for good off the sea stretching to the last above the tumbling foam their fair, rounded arms; holding out their spears, swords, shields, tridents in the same unwearied, striving forward pose. Top Definition. allegra. A really pretty or hot girl. Wow, Allegra is hot! #london #money. That new girl's name is Allegra, and she comes from Italy. #creative.

Allegra - definition of Allegra by The Free Dictionary Network LLC, a world leader in marketing and business communications franchises, has chosen Avanti Slingshot as the core of Work Streamaa, a fully integrated web storefront to MIS workflow automation solution that will be offered across its North American network of 270 marketing and print communications franchises. Fexofenadine n. A nonsedating antihistamine, C32H39NO4, used in its coride form to treat allergic rhinitis and allergic skin disorders. Alteration of.

Allegra given name - pedia Allegra is derived from the latin word "allegro" which is often used in music to instruct the musician to perform with an upbeat and lively sound. Allegra is a female given name of Italian orin meaning joy happy or lively. Allegra can refer to Allegra Byron 1817–1822, the illegitimate daughter of British.

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Brht Solutions What is Dyslexia? The musical term "allegro" means "quickly, with a happy air". The symptoms, the research-based definition, the cause of dyslexia, their gifted areas, famous dyslexics and their.

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